Sunday, July 28, 2013

When Pigs Fly...

Well you know what they say about that!!!  It just might be going to happen soon.  I know that my friends will be astounded that I have actually posted here.  But here goes a new day for me.

I have been working hard on a few projects lately.  One was to apply for a job as a quilting teacher for a quilt retreat next winter.  I didn't make the cut but I do like the projects that I submitted. 

One class I would have loved to teach was for these darling pin cusions.
I love to do different styles of cusions from squares!  Yes, you heard that, all of the above are made with squares.
Stay tuned for the next project that I submitted.
thanks for looking and hope you have a most wonderful day today.
sew happy!


  1. Well I cannot believe you weren't chosen. I hope that the people who were chosen were making 3 dimensional renderings of the human genome or something because these are amazeballs!


  2. Keep trying they are adorable. How about another retreat? If you want to teach, no ones handwork is better than yours! So what about that type of class?

    1. you are right Vanisha, I will keep trying. And I am working on some samples of wool applique for the quilt walk next June down in Panguitch.