Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Up Rooting the whole Darn' Tree

Well next week is my card club day and I decided to get a bit of a jump on things because I have time and well it is a new day and I just don't want it to creep up on me. 

So you know how they say that you should turn over a new leaf?  Well I guess I am uprooting the whole darn' Tree.  I am getting ready for lots of new things in my life and right now is a great time to start doing things a better way.  Why wait for a new year? Start today I say!!!

Here is one of the cute cards that we will be making for club, or something similar. 

Sorry about the crumby picture.  I might need (NEED) to get a new camera.  The phone is just not really quite cutting it.  But for now this is all I got.
First picture is of the card when closed and the second is of the card open.  This is a fun new die and will make making a flip card so easy.

Have fun creating today!

stamp happy!




  1. This is so cute! Glad you're blogging! Thanks for the comments on my stuff!

  2. Is this your day on the wool blog hop?